CFC Stories

Personal stories inspire and connect us as we work to reach a common objective or goal, and storytelling within the CFC can be a powerful tool as we work together to make a difference for those in need.

Are you passionate about disaster relief, veterans services, animal rights, medical research, or another great cause supported by the CFC? Behind each chosen cause is a story, and by sharing these personal stories, we create a deeper connection with each other, participating charities, and those that benefit from our CFC contributions. Choose your cause and Show Some Love by sharing why it’s important to you!

Below are some sample stories to get you started. 

Success Stories

Emily's Story

woman turning on a water hydrant for clean waterIndian reservation resident Emily used to have water available at her mobile home.

"We had water, but then the motor gave up," says Emily.

That was 10 years ago.

Since then, she’s had to walk hundreds of yards to her nearest neighbor with an empty 5-gallon container, and then carry it back home, full and heavy.

"It gets tiresome going back and forth to get water," Emily said.

Fatuma's Story

mother and daughterWhen Fatuma leaves her job as a nurse every night to tuck her daughters into bed, she hopes she is not bringing home an illness that will harm them.

With help from a CFC-supported organization, Fatuma is now not only certain that she is safe at her job, but that her family, patients and neighbors are protected from infectious disease, as well. “If we are safe, the community is safe,” she says. “That’s how the cycle goes.”

Hugo's Story

Hugo and his wifeHugo proudly served as a soldier in the United States Army and deployed to Iraq in 2004 to serve his country. Upon arriving to Baquba, Iraq, as a member of the 1st Infantry Division, also known as the “Big Red One,” they immediately took on responsibilities that included security patrolling, VIP escort duty and guard watch. On June 21, 2004, Hugo’s patrol was ambushed and he was shot, once in the back and once in the arm.

Rocky's Story

As an adVince and Rocky vocate for the cause of animal welfare for many years, I finally adopted my first dog from a greyhound rescue. I adopted Rocky in January 2015 from a CFC charity that rescues greyhounds from being euthanized after their racing careers end. Rocky was six years old when I adopted him and really underweight for such a large dog.

Mark, A Veteran's Story

Image of a group studyingBy now it is no secret that the transition from military to civilian life poses several challenges to countless veterans. These challenges can compound when veterans enter academia after several years removed from formal education. One CFC-funded organization helps student-veterans confront challenges head-on while cultivating the skills and confidence required for success in the classroom.

Mints Story

Due to their pedigree and intense efforts required from racing, Thoroughbred horses are typically subject to high accident rates and other health problems. 

Lanetha Neal

My cause is homlessness.  Many of the faceless that experience homelessness suffer loss through fire, flood and most reoccuring natural disasters, such as hurricanes and tornados. I am a native of the state of Louisiana.  Each time there was a pending storm in the Gulf of Mexico, my family would "shutter" the home and pack our car with clothing, leaving for a "few days". Our family  was one of the fortunate ones as my mother's job relocated us to the Midwest before hurricane Katrina hit the New Orleans area. Even after 12 years I still choke with emotion as the loss of life and homes.

Immer's Story

My cause is protecting our oceans from pollution. Growing up in Puerto Rico, the ocean was my life. I would go to beaches almost daily to fish and surf. I cannot recall how many times I have seen beaches littered with trash or going fishing and reeling in a plastic bag. After one too many of those experiences, I decided to do my part and clean up local beaches with groups of friends.

Mary's Story

My cause, access to sports for individuals with disabilities, is important to me because I have seen how much these sports programs can help increase confidence, independence, and fitness, just by reducing the barriers to participation. This cause is close to my heart because I have a brother with down syndrome, so for as long as I can remember he has been playing baseball, participating in competitive sporting events, and engaging in other sports leagues specifically for people with disabilities.

Rangam's Story

My cause is cancer research because I am a cancer survivor myself. I am surviving simply because of the tremendous amount of cancer research and medical advancements that have happened, especially over the last few decades. Funding through the CFC can contribute immensely to this cause. Most of us want to contribute, but find it difficult to do so. The CFC makes giving for Federal employees very simple and less burdensome through auto-pay deductions. The CFC is genuine and one can contribute to literally any cause of their liking.

Natasha's Story

My cause is veterans. I am a veteran and I come from a family of service members dating back to the Korean War so I have a personal responsibility to help my fellow comrades through personal service and donating to organizations that support our service members through CFC. When I was first discharged from the United States Army, entering the workforce proved to be lot more challenging then I had anticipated. I realized quickly that I was not alone and many veterans had difficulties in trying to find jobs as a civilian.